The greatest dice game in existence.

Dice World! Bringing the world together with dice games! Not just one dice game, but SIX different games! Farkle, Yatzy, Threes, 1-4-24, Balut and PIG! Challenge your friends or random opponents to any or all games!

Six games to choose from:

  • Farkle - An addictive fast paced game of risk taking.
  • Yatzy - The classic strategic dice game everyone loves.
  • Balut! - A true test of your skills. A very addictive and strategic game.
  • PIG! - The most Addicting (and frustrating) game you will ever play.
  • Threes! - Classic addicting dice game played in alleyways around the world!
  • 1-4-24! - Also known as 'Midnight', this game will keep you playing for hours!

Always Free!



Completely accessible to both sighted and blind users!/p>

Multi Platform!

Available on iOS and Droid!!


Play Dice World against anyone, anytime, anywhere around the world! It's a turn based game, so there is no need to be online at the same time./p>

Play against friends!

Play against friends, contacts, twitter followers, facebook friends, random opponents, ANYONE!


Track which countries your opponents represent! Represent your country well by making your way up the leaderboard.

Superior Stats

Wins, Losses, Ties, High Scores and more... it's all tracked.

We even track your individual stats against each opponent you face... giving you the ultimate bragging rights.

In Game Help

Never played one of these games? No problem.. we have in game help to get you started. And once you get started.. you will be addicted!


Screenshots from the game!


  • "The best game on my phone!"

    Big Dreve
  • "I love it, love it, love it!!!."

    Archie44 →
  • "Farkle is so addicting! I had never played it, and now I am addicted."

    262runner →
  • "Wow, this just became the best dice game on the app store...Farkle, Yatzy and Balut all in one game!!! Awesome!!!!"

    edhrunner →

About Us

About Us

We are a small start-up striving to create the best mobile gaming experience in the world!






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Dice World!

Four addicting dice games!


If you're not playing Dice World, you're doing it wrong!

DiceDreve, "every night is game night"

I was so busy playing Dice World, I forgot to pick up my kids from school!

Dice playing mom, "too busy dice'n"


Play multiple games against different opponents at the same time.

Turn based game play. There is no need for both players to be online at the same time.

Track from which countries around the world your opponents are playing!

Leaderboard - Are you good enough to make it onto the worldwide leader board? Represent your country!

Player ranking - work your way up from a starting level of DiceJoke to the surprise highest level!

Chat with your friends during game play - multiple lingual support for chat text (even user names support all languages)!

Superior stats - Wins, Losses, Ties, High Scores... it’s all recorded! We even track your stats against every player you oppose, for the ultimate in bragging rights!


An addictive fast paced game of risk taking.

The classic strategic dice game everyone loves.

A true test of your skills. A very addictive and strategic game.

Fun, Addicting... and Frustrating!

Simply Awesome!

You will play for hours!


  • Q. What are the requirements for using this app?

    Being Awesome

    You must promise to invite your friends. We want the entire world playing dice!

  • Q. How does it work?

    Download the game from iTunes, google Play, Or Amazon for free and start playing!

  • Q. How much does it cost?

    Nothing! Just forward to a friend and keep the Dice World community growing.

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